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Cleaning products are directly connected to the concept of environment conservation
and human protection. HERO is oriented to usage of biodegradable raw materials
and prescribes instructions of usage which ensures that the HERO products are safe
for the environment and human.

 TRADITION SINCE 1983 - Chemical analysis of the two oldest Hero product

Before any product is presented to the market, it is carried out to detailed
chemical analysis and inspection.

Hero within the production of cleaning products implement :

  ISO 9001: 2015  ISO 14001 : 2015   OHSAS 18001 : 2008   HACCP 

Hero products are in compliance with  REACH ( Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation
and Restriction of Chemicals ),  CLP  (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) and
 BPR  ( Biocidal Products Regulation) regulations.

As contract manufacturer we can manufacture product based on your specific
instructions and also we can help your development of cost-effective product.

In contract manufacturing of Biocidal Products, Hero is solely responsible for
legislation on biocidal products which are valid on the territory of the Republic of Serbia
and does not accept responsibility for the regulation and registration outside the
Republic of Serbia.

All certificates and permits as well as the application, registration ( IUCLID ) dossier
and compliance with the ECHA regulations of biocidal products and supstance use in
that biocide product on the territory EU are solely
responsibility of the customer - employer.

Labelling and Safety Data Sheets can be made on english,
german, russian or any other language.

We can make advertising printed material in the form of flyers,
brochures, labels, etc.

Packaging according to customer request :

Bottles 0,01 - 1 L,
Canister 5 L, 10 L, 25 L,
Barrel 50 L, 150 L,
IBC 1 000 L,
Truck cistern 20 000 L ( with 3 separate compartments for 3 different products )


Delivery CIF - Cost, Insurance and Freight; DAP - Delivered at place; Ex Works.

Minimum quantity one package ( 18 L, 40 L).

Hero with the same care, respect and appreciation treat purchase order of one package
( 18 or 40 L ) and purchase order of one truck cistern 20 000 L.

We believe and implement fair dealing and good faith in business.

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